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Fulflex stays in niche, sees 2020 as year of growth

In an interview with RPN, Pat Curtin, Director of Product Marketing & Technology, Fulflex Inc., a custom rubber mix and calendered sheet producer, said that we want to be viewed as a key supplier & partner with clients, while we would also want to provide product which has a high-service, high-technology component or one with severe requirements.

Certainly, we at #Fulflex are more interested in creating the long-term programs and the meaningful unique advantages for both the customers and ourselves, part of which involves us having technical expertise that customers can rely on.

The company has seen a positive impact of reshoring initiatives, and, on the other hand, we also face challenges; even though any one segment of the business is under threat, it is really important to develop products that are not easy to knock off & have a high degree of complexity and emphasize on retaining and nurturing the existing clients.

Apart from this, part of the company’s approach involves customer-centric investments which benefit customers.
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